Team Stily

Ed Celis
Ed Celis

is a serial entrepreneur who has always been fascinated by things beautiful & by the people that inspire them & create them. Ed is the co-founder and CEO of Stily which means he is responsible for everything from designing our app and site, to sweeping the floors and taking out the trash when our minion is having “one of those days”.

Ed is a father to four wonderful kids, passionate about good books, coffee & wine. He is forever indebted to the many friends & family that have supported him on his journey and is humbly offering to pay you back by cutting your hair as a sign of his love and gratitude. When you are ready for your haircut, just give him a ring he’ll make you look more interesting than him in no time.

Kalana Jayathilake

has more comic books than he can count, as well as a modified street racer that may or may not be legal in his home country of Sri Lanka. Kalana also owns a couple of dogs, a parrot and a purple minion. Typical geek stuff.

Kalana is the co-founder of Stily and the VP of Technology of the company.

When Stily works flawlessly, he will graciously take credit for that. If, however, the site or platform breaks down, kindly send an email to his purple minion at as it’s definitely his fault. Don’t’ expect a response though but thanks for writing.

Key Ben Ami

is a photographer who recently moved to LA after a long and successful career in her home country of Israel.

Her love affair with photography started over a decade ago while working in front of the camera as an actor/model and professional dancer. Key’s specialty is using her vision alongside cutting edge photography equipment and techniques to achieve beautiful results.

Besides being the Creative Director and the Content lead for both Stily and StilyMAG, Key is mother to two beautiful children and an avid dancer. Should you be in desperate need for sugar and/or calories, stop by her lovely home at your own risk where she will gladly serve you a big slice of her famous chocolate cake.

Lisa Barth

is a native of Western Pennsylvania; she brings her innate sense of order and true American grit to Stily.

Before joining us as a Head of Operations, Lisa has a long career as an entrepreneur working in the design and construction industry. She once owned a consulting business called “There Must Be Order” which pretty much sums up her role at Stily, where she is responsible to keep everyone and everything in line. In addition to keeping everyone at HQ inline, she is responsible for closing partnerships and overseeing contracts and the like. So, if you need an “I” dotted or a “t” crossed, she’s the one that should be in your speed dial.

Her two kids call her Mom or Sir respectively depending on her mood.

Marley Uribe

is an American born actress who was raised on a family cattle ranch in Jalisco, Mexico. Bilingual and firmly rooted in two countries, she always brings a unique perspective and vision to her work.

Marley is an actor by trade, and a graduate of UCLA with multiple screen and TV credits.

She is the Assistant to the Creative Director at Stily, as well as a regular contributor to StilyMAG. She is a vegetarian who loves building bridges as much as she hates walls.

Apollonie Santelli

is a French native graduate from the New-York Institute of Technology and has recently relocated to Los Angeles from Paris. She studied Media and has experience working in TV production, Social Media, Event Organization, PR Relations, and Fashion Content Creation in both France and the US. Daring, she left Paris to be part of the Stily Team and to start a new Californian life.

Tiny but confident, the Frenchy loves partying, taking pictures, writing, fashion, traveling, and discover awesome places to eat. Apollonie is a Fashion Contributor and Brand Ambassador for Stily and StilyMAG.

Soraya Pérez

was born one Halloween Eve a few decades back. We don’t know if this somehow influenced her wicked sense of humor, or increased her natural talent at brewing love potions, hot chocolate & teas, but what we do know for certain is that she is passionate about telling stories, fedora hats, and wearing red lipstick on most important occasions.

A journalist by trade, Soraya has been writing for television since 2010 and is enjoying her role as our “man” in Spain creating vlogs and notes on things stylish, beautiful and whatnot from her home in the Basque country.

Soraya is our Head Spanish Language Contributor and an Assistant Editor for both Stily and StilyMAG.

Prasad Gayan

brings eight years of experience to Stily as a front-end web developer and designer. We could impress you with a bunch of technical jargon on his programming abilities, but we’d rather tell you that he is the hardest working guy in our technical department (sorry Purple Minion).

Prasad is married and father to one cute Sri Lankan child. He also enjoys motor sports, online gaming and other geek stuff and works in PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Java, XML, MySQL, SQL, C#, JSP, Yii, Ajax, jQuery, Sencha ExtJS, Sencha Touch, Joomla and WordPress. Told you, he is impressive.

Shakeeb Sadikeen

is a 23 year old geek who is addicted to Fifa. He currently has no pets, loves plain vanilla ice-crem, hates music, and once had a pet turtle named “Mike.” Shakeeb is in charge of front-end development at StilyMAG and is obsessed about makig beautiful things online.

He is dynamic, detailed- oriented & dedicated and we love watching him code remotely from his secret layer in Sri Lanka. Like most of us working at Stily, Shakeeb is overqualified for his current position and will one day fund a multi-billion dollar company in Silicon Valley.

He is a fan of Real Madrid FC, which makes him the CEO’s favorite geek in the team.

Colin P. McCaffrey

Is a firm believer in the narrative form, worn-out jeans, “run-and-gun” documentary-style shooting, and all forms of good music…even country! Colin graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, where he was trained in classic film techniques, and has a passion for revealing the subtleties of characters and stories through light, shadow, and the juxtaposition of the subject within the frame.

He’s a geek with a deep passion for filmmaking, who vows to love the LA Dodgers through the good and bad times. Colin is an enthusiast of the miltirotor aerial platform, and once entangled his drone in George Washington's Apple Tree- or was it Ben Franklin's kite- he can't remember which, but this happened. Really. It did.

Colin is Shoots, Chops, & prints our branded StilyMAG videos and has the coolest ponytail of the whole team.

Sara McGuffin

has always had a passion for words and their capability to change lives, and will never turn down the opportunity to enter a conversation about Stephen King. Sara is a graduate from Stephen F. Austin State University, located in the beautiful pinewoods of Texas. Her hobbies include perfecting her homemade kettle corn recipe, drinking cappuccinos with dry foam, and reading anything with a good choice of words.

As a lover of nature, Sara has a special place in her heart for camping and spending time outdoors with friends. When distracted, she will easily find herself reading Wikipedia articles of morbid subjects, and if forced to watch one TV show for the rest of her life, she would definitely choose Law & Order: SVU (of course!).

Sara is an Assistant Editor and contributor at StilyMAG and Stily’s ambassador to the Lone Star State.

purple minion
Purple Minion

We all know these cute, slightly annoying pill-shaped, little banana lab assistants. Some of us even love them. Well, the geeks love them anyway. So obviously our VP of Technology adopted one and dumped him here at Stily HQ.

Our minion is purple in color, has frizzled hair and buckteeth. Some consider him a potential hazard as he likes to mess around with our technology’s core code, but Kalana assures us that he is harmless “most of the time.”